ORLEN Baja Poland: pre-event press conference

(30.08.2019) Just a few hours before high-speed off-road battle in ORLEN Baja Poland pre-event press conference was held in rally HQ in Szczecin.


Krzysztof Soska, deputy mayor of Szczecin
Jutta Kleinschmidt, president of FIA Cross Country rally commission
Julita Maluszynska, co-driver, 2017 Polish Championship runner-up
Jakub Przygoński, driver, 2018 FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies winner, 2018 Baja Poland winner
Krzysztof Holowczyc, driver, five-time Baja Poland winner and 2013 FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies winner
Martin Macik, truck driver from Czech Republic (IVECO Powerstar)
Pascal Brodnicki, driver, the winner of previous round of Dacia Duster Elf Cup, famous host of cooking TV shows

Jutta Kleinschmidt: I am very happy to be in Szczecin, because I did not have an occasion to compete in ORLEN Baja Poland during my career. It is always very interesting to experience a new event. This rally is a bit similar to famous Dakar marathon, because the stages are pretty sandy in many places. I am convinced that it will be a demanding FIA World Cup round and crews will tackle many challenges here.

Julita Małuszyńska: We are a bit nervous before every event, but it is becoming easier and easier to control our emotions as we gather the experience rally after rally. We know well that we are amateurs among such a strong pack of famous professionals. This is why we stay humble and keep our heads cool. Of course, we have a top machinery, but our rivals are far more experienced than us and we have a long way to go to the finish. What is more, we were unlucky last year, and we did not manage to cover all of the stages. Nevertheless, we are going to push as hard as we can, keeping our safe pace at the same time.

Krzysztof Hołowczyc: Kuba (Przygoński) is in a good rhythm after numerous outings this season, so it won’t be easy to compete with him. There is no doubt about that. We had a thrilling battle last year, which I eventually lost after our car stuck in one of the water splashes. I think that finding a good pace and rhythm just from the start is crucial. What is more we have to stay away from any trouble or mechanical issues. I am not the youngster anymore, so it is getting harder and harder to keep the pace of younger rivals. Nevertheless, rallying is deep in my heart, so my goal is to win here.

Krzysztof Soska: I am very happy because Szczecin hosts ORLEN Baja Poland for 11th time. I remember very well my trip to Paris, where we introduced Szczecin and Baja Poland as a World Cup candidate. This was when our Cross Country rallying adventure began. Many people in our city is crazy about off-road rallying. I would like to welcome every spectator and every competitor. I wish them best of luck and dream results.

Jakub Przygoński: This season has brought us mixed feelings so far. We are in a different situation than in previous year. Now we have to chase our rivals, which is a bit easier task than defending the lead. However, before points will be given, we need to finish our tough task. We will compete not only with our World Cup rivals, but with Krzysztof Holowczyc too. It is his 11th outing in Baja Poland and that’s why he knows this event as no one else. This weekend we need keep maximum focus and find the good pace from the very beginning. I hope we will manage, and the result will be as good as in 2018.

Martin Macik: In April we introduced our new truck, so it is time to give it a proper test. ORLEN Baja Poland is a great way to prove it is fast and reliable before we go to Dakar Rally. The stages are a bit like these in Dakar, so it is a good proving ground for us. This is my 5th outing in Baja Poland and I really like this event, I must admit. I am happy to compete here.

Pascal Brodnicki: This is just my third outing in Cross Country rally, so I am a total rookie here. During ORLEN Baja Poland I am going to keep my own, safe pace in order to cover the whole distance and gather lot of experience. I love the cars since I was a kid and I fell in love with rallying thanks to Krzysztof Holowczyc who encouraged me to start. For me this is a great escape from my everyday duties and fantastic adrenaline boost.




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