Not only World Cup - part one

(31.07.2019) ORLEN Baja Poland is not only the round of FIA World Cup for Baja Rallies. Szczecin-based event count towards many other championship series too. Let’s take a quick glance at these series.

FIA Central European Zone Cross Country Championship (FIA-CEZ)

Rounds of this series are held in Central Europe – in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Italy. Among eligible vehicles there are all World Cup categories (T1, T2 and T3) and off road trucks (T4 class) as well as TH class for the cars with expired homologation. There is SSV class too. In this case, SSV means lightweight vehicle build around safety cage, with maximum speed limited to 130 kph. The 2019 FIA CEZ calendar consists nine rounds:

  • 22-23 March: Adrenalin Kupa Bugac (Hungary)
  • 12-13 April: Wysoka Grzęda Baja Drawsko (Poland)
  • 10-12 May: Riverside Baja (Slovakia)
  • 7-9 June: Terep Rally Gyula (Hungary, event postponed)
  • 21-23 June: Italian Baja (Italy)
  • 2-4 August: Baja Polskie Safari (Poland)
  • 29 August – 1 September: ORLEN Baja Poland (Poland)
  • 20-22 September: Baja Szczecinek (Poland)
  • 8-10 November: Raid of Champions (Hungary)

Polish Cross-Country Championship (RMPST)

The most important off-road rallying series in Poland with as many as six rounds in 2019 season. The main point of the season is of course ORLEN Baja Poland, which is a double-header for points, just like every rally in championship with more than 200 competitive kilometres. It is Czech driver Miroslav Zapletal, co-driven by Marek Sykora who leads the championship after two rounds. Just like in FIA World Cup, T1 class cars are eligible to compete, as well as T2 and T3 class machinery. There are Open, T4 (trucks) and UTV categories too. In 2019 season competitors battle for points in six rounds:

  • 12-14 April: Wysoka Grzeda Baja Drawsko
  • 7-8 June: Geotermia Ladek-Zdroj
  • 2-4 August: Rajd Polskie Safari
  • 29 August – 1 September: ORLEN Baja Poland
  • 20-22 August: Baja Szczecinek
  • 18-20 October: Baja Europe

Czech Republic Cross Country Championship (MMCR)

The Czech equivalent of the Polish cross country championship, but interestingly, it is held entirely in Poland. Foreign rounds in the national championships are nothing unusual, but in case of Czech championship every round is held on Polish soil. The calendar consists of four rounds, and the vehicles regulations are basically the same as in Polish championship. Four events of 2019 calendar are:

  • 12-14 April: Wysoka Grzeda Baja Drawsko
  • 2-4 August: Rajd Polskie Safari
  • 29 August – 1 September: ORLEN Baja Poland
  • 20-22 August: Baja Szczecinek




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